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Following the 2018 Directed Energy Science and Technology Symposium, industry and academic participants formed an exploratory committee to ​encompass domestic interests of wireless energy technology encompassing distributed energy. The intent is to rapidly expand the topic toward global applications. The committee expects to shortly announce an organizational framework with a technical and regulatory agenda to encompass various phases of energy distribution, e.g. space collection and distribution, terrestrial collection and distribution, maritime collection and distribution, other associated near field and nascent energy related technologies not identified. The group recognizes the complexity of operational safety, technology compatibility, and protection of any systems currently licensed in electromagnetic spectrum identified for these new sustainable ‘green’ energy applications.

The committee also intends to enable all technologies that support the goal of short, medium and long-range energy distribution.
Following a resolution of the group’s framework, the committee will engage the Federal Communication Commission to accelerate domestic and international discussion of distributed energy.
MMI is proud to note that the exploratory committee is currently led by Stephen Ward, a long time employee. For further information, please contact him by email at the address: stephen.ward@mmiconnect.com.

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